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Courageous Team™ Live Programme

Does your team make a real difference?
Do you create the enduring footprints you want to create? How do you know?

Our Courageous Team™ Live programme improves the collaboration and effectiveness of the team, and is delivered live - in person.


● Self & Others (3 days)
● Relationships & Collaboration (2 days)
● Today & Future (2 days)
● Totalling 7 days.

Key Benefits

  • Courageous Team™ members drive business based on what’s best for
    the whole business, not on what’s best for themselves and their own area of responsibility.
  • Less silos.
  • Courageous Team™ members own team decisions, lead in line with
    them and trust each other.
  • Everyone pulls together as a team.
  • Courageous Teams™ reach their goals. And enjoy the journey.

We work in line with the book Courageous Leader. Increase Your Impact by Facing Your Fears as well as The Human Element® by Will Schultz.

The Courageous Team™ Live Programme is only available live in