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- “From highest vision to bottom line, from individuals to businesses to the whole planet – one thing drives positive change for all: Courage.”

For 20 years, author Margareta Kull has trained
executives, managers and leaders from 30+
countries to make courageous decisions for their organisations and the planet.

In this inspiring, practical guide, she shares with
you her tools, real client stories, genuine results,
powerful coaching questions, pragmatic
processes, exercises, reflections and more –
all based on her expertise, experience and wisdom.


Lisa Brandhorst-Satzkorn

– ”This is indeed a book for courageous leaders. It gives you the tools to reflecton your leadership and to face your fears. But what makes it even more important is that throughout the book, Margareta continuously reminds us of the impact all of us have on climate change and that we all need to make brave decisions now to have a healthy planet in the future. I have personally been through Margareta’s program, and it has changed me and made me more courageous. This book is a good refresher and reminder that the work is never done and that I need to hold myself accountable and continue to develop, for myself, my organization and the planet."

Vivianne Thomsson

– "I feel this book is an easy-to-read self-exploring journey of what questions we all need to keep asking ourselves. If we have the intention of leading into the future in these times. I recommend anyone that wants to understand what’s needed to lead to real change. Especially if you are working in an organization as a CEO or any type of management. In HR and Economics and in CSR etc. “Who is paying for your good enough?” I also recommend people who are involved in the Climate movements to read this book, since it copes with the human issues of how to understand behaviours and Human defences."

Sonia Ögren Kull

– "There are many reasons to read this book, good valid true reasons. But if for nothing else you read it because you owe it to your dreams in life to be courageous from now and onwards. Life’s too short to base your decisions on fear-especially if you don’t know that it’s what you’re doing.”

Anna Haas

– "This is a must-read for all UN staff. Step by step, this book took me on an inner journey where I acquired practical tools for how to take brave decisions more often. It’s powerful. It’s painful. It’s joyful. The book made me grow as a leader and I warmly recommend it to all my UN colleagues around the world. We know the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals requires boldness from all of us on a daily basis. The hands-on examples in Courageous Leader make invisible anxieties within us visible and provide guidance for how to better move forward together."

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