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New! Self-Study Programme

The Courageous Leader™ Self-Study Programmes were created to help professionals such as yourself to get a feeling for what it may look like to become a Courageous Leader™. We take you along a self-paced process.

The content includes a series of short videos followed by valuable reflection exercises as you create a foundation for becoming a Courageous Leader™. The book Courageous Leader can be your guide. Now it’s your turn. Please click below on one of our programmes to begin your journey.

Courageous Leader™ Free Self-Study Introduction

The Introduction Programme is a short free introduction to the Self-Study Programme. It gives you a feeling for what Courageous Leader™ is all about. Why is Courageous Leader™ important? Who is the Self-Study Programme for and what does it include?

It will take you a minimum of 15 minutes to watch the videos in the Introduction Programme. We hope it takes you much more as change begins with reflection.

This programme is free of charge and you get access to it via the confirmation email you receive after checkout. 

Self-Study on your schedule.

Change begins with reflection. Take your time.

Courageous Leader™ Self-Study Immersion

The Immersion Programme is a longer Self-Study journey. It encompasses all material in the Introduction Programme as well as a deeper immersion into the Courageous Leader™ Process. In this programme we cover the Courageous Leader™ Reflection Process which is a foundational piece to your becoming a Courageous Leader™. 

It will take you a minimum of 2 hours to go through the videos in this programme. The Immersion Programme will take you through several questions that we ask you to reflect upon and tasks to complete. 

Change begins with reflection. Take your time.