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Who else is using these programmes?

How have these programmes helped them?

"This leadership programme took me to another level in terms of personal insight and development. The outside perspective on yourself by the programme and participating peers, where you are confronted with your fears and (bad) habits is dose of tough love.

The programme has been essential in my development as a person and leaderand I use the tools as a reminder on a daily basis.

It gave us a common experience and a foundation built on respect, transparency & trust, in combination with a 'toolbox' and points of reference which we used to build our team."

- Joakim Ryrstedt, SVP & CIO, Nederman Group

"I highly recommend the programme to anyone who wants to reveal her or his inner strengths to lead and be better in charge of our common future.”

– - Anna Haas, Programme Specialist, UNESCO - IIEP

“It was one of the most impressive training programmes I have ever participated in. It forced me to dig deep into myself as a leader. Also after all these years (10+), I still review these topics from time to time.”

– Jukka Hörkkö, Executive Vice President, Skanska Finland

“When we started the Courageous Leader programme we had a lot of conflicts and distrust in our management team. Today we have less hardship and can spend more time focusing on doing our jobs."

– Andreas Gillheim, Modity Energy Trading AB

Where can I get an overview of all your programmes?

This Free Introduction Package will help you understand all your options. Includes a video, the first chapter of the book, and a PDF detailing all the programmes.