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Courageous Leader™

Margareta Kull started the company Kull Leadership AB in 1995. Since then, she and her team have carried out national and international assignments for organisations like Skanska, Getinge, Sweco, Alfa Laval, Hill-Rom, Lund municipality and Malmö etc. We carry out training for managers and executives at all levels of the organisation, from the C-Suite down to the individual contributor.

Who we are


“From highest vision to bottom line, from individuals to businesses to the whole planet – one thing has the potential to drive positive change for all: Courage.”

Margareta Kull has a deep commitment to have an impact on the world by creating courageous leaders. Leaders that lead the way toward long-term, sustainable goals rather than short-term profit and fast validation.

As a trainer, mentor, speaker and coach – and together with her team – she supports leaders and management teams internationally on their pathway toward being more courageous. Margareta will challenge and inspire toward accountability and development. She mixes humour with seriousness – warmth and energy are always present.

She lives, works and writes from her home on the west coast of Sweden.


- Entrepreneur since 1995
- MBA School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg
- Licensed The Human Element ® trainer
- Licensed Radical Collaboration® trainer
- Certified Four Rooms of Change® user
- ICF PCC certified coach

Other merits

- Recipient of a literary award in the United States for her contribution to the bestselling book The Road to Success together with author Jack Canfield.


Søren was one of Sweden’s first coaches and has played a leading role in developing coaching in the Nordic region and internationally. Through curiosity, new theories, development, and by creating a safe place, he creates courageous leaders. He is a committed listener, and fluent in Swedish, English and Danish. Søren has considerable experience in gender equality work and has participated in projects to support gender equality efforts within organisations.

Søren is a humanist who values curiosity and development, honesty and humility, and who is warmly engaged in human development – his own and that of others.


- ICF MCC certified coach
- Certified Four Rooms of Change® user
- Learning styles Rita Dunn, and others
- Studied behavioural science at Stockholm University
- Studied political science
- Vice Chairman of the International Coach Federation worldwide.
- Examiner of ICF coaches; received the ICF President’s Award in 2013.

Author of two books, including Chefen som Coach (Eng: The Manager as Coach).


Joakim is passionate about leadership development, courage and coaching. He is driven by strong faith in the individual, and creates a safe and open climate for cooperation between coach and coachee, in English or Swedish. His coachees describe him as a curious and patient person who listens carefully and provides encouragement, as he accompanies and supports them on their journey toward becoming courageous leaders.

Joakim has extensive professional experience within construction and HVAC, as well as within the travel, restaurant, and culture branches. He is also extremely talented at combining courage with music. He’s happiest with a backpack on the tundra around Härjedalen where he camps, fishes and drinks coffee.


- ICF PCC certified coach
- JTI (Decision Dynamics)
- Mental Training Master Facilitator at Mansjouren, a volunteer help centre in Stockholm for individuals who need someone to talk to.
- Set up a one-man show, The vulnerable consultant, at Theatre Pero
- B.A. in drama, music science and law


With respect, warmth and commitment, Vivianne challenges people to find and illuminate opportunities to achieve their full potential. As a trainer in our development programme, she is fluent in both Swedish and English. She has experience contributing to true development and openness in leaders, managers, business women and also women who have been on sick leave for longer periods of time.

Vivianne’s strength lies in her ability to create peace and security in a room so participants dare to move beyond their comfort zone, and thus to grow. She listens, builds a warm climate for cooperation, and gives honest, direct feedback. She is driven by her faith in every individual’s inherent power and her belief that we all know what is best for ourselves and our organisations.

Vivianne is from the Swedish island of Gotland. She likes to sing, being creative and loves nature. She also has years of experience working in education.


- Licensed The Human Element ® trainer
- Licensed Radical Collaboration® trainer
- Career Counsellor (SYV) 180 credits, Umeå University


Magnus is a warm trainer and coach, who challenges managers who want to be courageous leaders, mainly by keeping them in touch with themselves, and holding them responsible for their own development. Many of Magnus’ coachees find themselves in stressful situations, unfamiliar life circumstances, or they have advanced to a whole new level and need support in dealing with being a leader.

He started as an internal coach as he built up training activities for Scandinavian PC Systems (now VISMA) Sweden, and is knowledgeable when it comes to software, accounting and payroll. Magnus trains and coaches others in both English and Swedish.

He has been a board member of the Nordic section of the International Coach Federation, board member responsible for training for the Swedish Association for Sport Divers, and director of a clinic within the Swedish Public Dental Service. In his spare time, he practices Aikido, and enjoys reading about the history of ideas.


- ICF PCC certified coach
- Coachville (Founding member)
- UGL Marinen, Berga
- Master of Science, Dental Surgery
- Studies in statistics, sociology, history
- Board member at St. Luke’s Foundation, which runs psychotherapy clinics and trains psychotherapists all over Sweden.



- Master's degree in Film Studies from Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary.
- Bachelor's degree in media and mass communication from Misr University For Science And Technology, Egypt.


Susanne has been a valuable member of our team for several years, working as an administrator. With extensive experience in service and administration, she distinguishes herself by promoting and nurturing business relationships, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. She has a humble attitude towards life, is a problem solver, and enjoys sharing a good laugh. Outside of work, she enjoys planning her next trip, whether it's a road trip or sailing adventure. Sailing across the Atlantic would truly be an adventure, and soon it may be time to set sail...


  • ICF PCC certified coach
  • Certified Team coach
  • NLP Diploma (INLPTA)
  • MBA, Lund University School of Economics and Management
  • Bachelor, Marketing & Business Administration - Germany & Sweden 
  • Design Engineer
  • UGL (Developing Groups & Leaders)
  • Pathways to Leadership, step 1 & 2