The Courageous Leader™ Concept helps you make a difference. Not only to yourself and your business. But also to the planet.

Margareta Kull

Imagine what your company and your community would become with you as a courageous leader. Imagine facing uncertainty and volatility with confidence?

For 20 years, Margareta and her team have helped guide the transition of the individual executive into Courageous Leader.™ At a time when organisations, employees and the planet need them more than ever.

With a broad expertise across a number of sectors, Kull Leadership has deep experience in the Scandinavian pharmaceutical, consultancy, infrastructure, energy and medical technology sectors. In the process of solving an array of leadership questions and challenges across the globe, Margareta and her team have invented platforms, models, and tools that help leaders rise to the occasion and achieve significance — and become the Courageous Leader.™

Please visit other sections of this website to see examples. You can find in-depth details in Margareta’s new book “Courageous Leader. Increase Your Impact by Facing Your Fears”. Buy the book here!

Leave footprints you can be proud of.