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Dare to make a difference.

Life is too short to remain overwhelmed and frustrated.

Leading in an environment of quarterly reports, a "good enough" mentality, competing egos, putting out fires and shelving your vision can be quite disheartening and frustrating. With the right tools, you can turn it around by becoming the wise and courageous leader your business and your world needs. Without the right tools, you might not make the impact you're capable of. Things will never change.

We can show you a better way.

"I highly recommend the Courageous Leader programme to anyone who wants to reveal her or his inner strengths to lead and be better in charge of our common future.”

- Anna Haas, Programme Specialist, UNESCO - IIEP

Watch the videos, read the book's first chapter, download your PDF on all our programmes.

Are your leaders stuck?

  • Managers and leaders avoid tough conversations which restricts innovation and hinders productivity.
  • Your people opt out of important issues like diversity, equity, and climate change.
  • 'Good Enough' rules. It prevents your journey from Good to Great.
  • Managers repeatedly prioritise short-term financial goals at the expense of long-term sustainability goals.

Dare to become different

  • Manage inner obstacles for making courageous decisions.
  • Acquire tools to equip you for challenging situations.
  • See how your way of making decisions affect your business and the planet.
  • Lead with wisdom during times of change.
  • Create openness and trust within your team.
  • Build a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Our world needs you.

Imagine what your company and community would become with you as a Courageous Leader™. Imagine facing uncertainty and volatility with confidence. 

Imagine making an impact and leaving footprints you can be proud of.

For 20 years, we have helped guide the transition of the individual manager from more than 30 countries into Courageous Leaders. At a time when organisations, employees, and the planet need them more than ever.

- Margareta Kull,
Founder & CEO Kull Leadership AB

“It was one of the most impressive training programmes I have ever participated in. It forced me to dig deep into myself as a leader. Also after all these years (10+), I still review these topics from time to time.”

– Jukka Hörkkö, Executive Vice President, Skanska Finland

“After I participated in the programme, the operations that I have been responsible for have both reached and exceeded the challenging goals that have been set–for several consecutive years.”

– Thomas Franzén, Regional Manager, Sweco

“When we started the Courageous Leader programme we had a lot of conflicts and distrust in our management team. Today we have less hardship and can spend more time focusing on doing our jobs."

– Andreas Gillheim, Modity Energy Trading AB

"I rarely enjoy corporate trainings, and yes, I enjoyed the Courageous Leader workshop."

– Mehmet Altunsu, Director of Sales & Marketing ACT, Getinge

"The Courageous Leader™ programme gave us a common experience and a foundation built on respect, transparency & trust, in combination with a 'toolbox' and points of reference which we used to build our team."

– Joakim Ryrstedt, SVP & CIO, Nederman Group

"I highly recommend the programme to anyone who wants to reveal her or his inner strengths to lead and be better in charge of our common future.”

– Anna Haas, Programme Specialist, UNESCO -IIEP

”The Courageous Leader programme created openness and courage within our team. We get through difficult situations with open dialogue where we speak about our fears and dreams, and then support each other with an optimal solution."

– Amanda Glave, Project Director, Skanska

"The programme provided me with a library of tools to be more courageous in my work life...I got increased perception of what truly drives my decisions."

– Alexandra Jaegers, Corporate Brand and Communications Manager, Purina

"Thank you very much for the beautiful experience. I've definitely learned and I'm looking forward to continue to do so and to profit from the results."

– Philipp Tiefenhaler, Getinge

"It was an excellent workshop and a real eye opener and useful for my journey with Getinge."

– Pradeep Patel, Manager, S & OP Governance, Getinge

When we have a culture of courage...

We challenge each other.
We listen to others.
We listen to ourselves and reflect.
We are open.
We drive positive change.
We dare to make a difference.

Our decisions and behaviours are based on what is best for the business as well as for nature and humanity.
Not on what is comfortable for us.

Are you ready to make a difference?

How to move forward

1. View the free Introduction Package.

2. Together with us, choose the programme that suits you and your organisation best.

3. Establish a culture of courage, and leave a footprint you're proud of.

Why Courageous Leader™?

Access your Free Introduction Package.

Watch the videos, read the book's first chapter, and download the PDF of our programmes.

Discover how the programmes can make a difference to you, your leaders and your business.

The Book

With a broad expertise across a number of sectors, Margareta Kull and her team have deep experience in the Scandinavian pharmaceutical, consultancy, infrastructure, energy and medical technology sectors. In the process of solving an array of questions and challenges for leaders across the globe, Margareta has invented platforms, models, and tools that help leaders rise to the occasion and create impact.

You can find in-depth details in Margareta’s book “Courageous Leader. Increase Your Impact by Facing Your Fears”.

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