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Summary of our programmes

We are a team of people who are passionate about uncovering what is hidden so we can help leaders think clearly and act with wisdom and courage. Our on-demand and live training programmes embolden teams and liberate individuals. 

When people lead with courage, accountability increases, productivity thrives, business grows, and our planet reaps the reward.

Our different programmes are for different groups and situations. Below you will find an explanation of who each programme serves and what needs it answers.

Courageous Leader™ Programmes

These programmes are for the manager who feels overwhelmed and frustrated. We understand that juggling all the demands laid upon you, putting out fires and trying to meet financial targets is exhausting. Too often “good enough” decisions are made instead of the best ones. You dream of approaching your days from a calm center where you are confident in your choices and not merely responding to emergencies.

These programmes transform managers into leaders who make wise choices.

Self-Study - Courageous Leader™ Introduction

This is a short free introduction programme with videos to the concept of becoming a Courageous Leader™.

Self-Study - Courageous Leader™ Process

This is a simple-to-follow programme in a self-paced process. You can accomplish it on your own time and in your own environment.

Courageous Leader™ Live Workshops

These are shorter than the live programmes. You can choose a half day or a full day for your group, online or in person. They are in real time.

Courageous Leader™ Live Programmes

These are live and in real time. They can be taken online or in person. These take place over several days, online or off site.

Courageous Team™ Programmes

Our team programmes focus more on team development and collaboration as opposed to creating individual leaders like the Leader Programmes. Participants will explore personal development as well as the team’s purpose, goals, and how to achieve them.

Courageous Team™ Live Workshops

These give you a taste of being a part of a Courageous Team™. Choose whether a half or full day is best for you and your team, online or in person.

Courageous Team™ Live Programme

This is an in-person, live programme in 3 modules. It takes place over several days off site.

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