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We all need a bit of inspiration. Allow yourself to be inspired by Margareta Kull when she talks about what a Courageous Leader™ can do for you as an individual, your organisation and for the planet.

With a lot of energy, Margareta inspires you to lead in a way you want to, and she provides insights into how your feelings and fears prevent you from doing so. And most importantly, how you could overcome your obstacles.

“Few people master the art of setting the stage in public speaking. But I know someone who does – Margareta Kull. She leaves nothing to chance. She captures the entire audience and holds your full attention. After having set the stage with the simplest of physical cues, she draws us in with her crystal-clear message in her pleasant and clear voice. I was spellbound, fascinated, and filled with a desire to belong to the group of courageous leaders who leave enduring footprints they are proud of.“

– Louise Dolck Strömberg, HR Director, Axis Communications