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Courageous Leader™ Live Programmes

Our live programmes are team and group based. They are either online or in person and take place over several days. All of these incorporate theory, exercises, and reflection—individually and in group.

When people lead with courage, accountability increases, productivity thrives, business grows, and our planet reaps the reward. We are passionate about uncovering what is hidden so we can help leaders think clearly and act with wisdom and courage. Our on-demand and live training programmes embolden teams and liberate individuals.

Take your first step into exploring how you and your people can make a significant impact. We can guide you.

Our Live Programmes for Teams & Groups

Leading in an environment of quarterly reports, firefighting, a "good enough" mentality, competing egos etc can be quite challenging and frustrating. Understanding the raison d'être behind our business operations can prove quite helpful. It's often eye-opening to ponder the fundamental purpose of a business, which ultimately revolves around crafting profitable solutions to address the needs of both people and planet.

To be able to do what’s best for both business and planet, which naturally includes people and nature, you need to be continuously curious about yourself as well as about others. If you don't, there's a significant risk that you will veer off course.

We therefore begin all our trainings with the live Self & Others module,
which is usually conducted over a three-day, in-person format.

Feel free to start your Courageous Leader™ journey with any of the following programmes of your choice.

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