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New! Group Self-Study: Courageous Leader™ Process

For teams who don't want to let their comfort zone limit them, and would benefit from a step-by-step process, in a cost-effective company-run system. Suitable for middle management teams or mixed groups of sales or support managers, high potentials etc.

The programme contains recorded presentations, theory, assignments, and reflections based on coaching questions, as well as group sessions led by an internal facilitator such as HR or a group member. You apply principles from the book, Courageous Leader-Increase Your Impact by Facing Your Fears.

Can be combined with other training needs like finance, law, sustainability.

Self-Study on your schedule.

Change begins with reflection. Take your time.

Free Self-Study: Courageous Leader™ Introduction

The Introduction Programme is a short free introduction to the Self-Study - Courageous Leader™ Process. It gives you a feeling for what Courageous Leader™ is all about. Why is Courageous Leader™ important? Who is the Self-Study Courageous Leader™ Process for and what does it include?

It will take you a minimum of 15 minutes to watch the videos in the Introduction Programme. We hope it takes you much more as change begins with reflection.

This programme is free of charge and you get access to it via the confirmation email you receive after checkout.