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Special Offer for 3 HR Managers!

You’re ready to make a difference. You’re not shy about trying something

Here’s your chance. We’re looking for 3 HR managers to offer them a year of nearly free training for a group of 12 of their managers. First come, first served!

You are done with your managers feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.
You’re tired of competing egos, firefighting and a “good enough” mentality.

We will walk you through our new, self-study programme, geared for teams/groups who don't want to let their comfort zone limit them and would like a step-by-step process. So, you're never alone in this.

NEW! Online Self-Study Programme for teams & groups!

For Whom?

These groups want to grow at their own pace, in a cost-effective, company-run programme. They might be middle management teams, or mixed groups of sales, support managers, or high-potentials.

Only 3 groups get to participate at this price!

How does it work?

The programme contains these elements:

  1. Recorded presentations
  2. Theory incl needs, fears and defences. (Let's get everyone in the group on the same page.)
  3. Assignments (Apply what you've learned.)
  4. Reflections based on coaching questions (Think about your reactions, decisions, and interactions with others.)
  5. Group sessions (Led by an internal facilitator such as HR or group member.)
  6. The book, Courageous Leader - Increase Your Impact by Facing Your Fears.
  7. Relevant resources

It’s a powerful and comprehensive new programme that trains managers to Stop, Reflect, Choose and Act - instead of making decisions and acting without reflecting, which often drains people and finances. No matter how experienced they are, this process provides managers with tools to act wisely and courageously, also
in uncomfortable situations, for the benefit of the business.

The 4 modules Stop, Reflect, Choose and Act, all based on my book, Courageous Leader – Increase Your Impact by Facing Your Fears, challenge participants to grow in demanding situations.

We help you navigate the process so you can move forward with confidence.

Why trust us?

We've been helping international organisations get everyone on the same page and speaking the same language for quite a while. Organisations such as, Getinge, the United Nations, Skanska to name just a few.

What have others said about our products?

"It was one of the most impressive training programmes I have ever participated in. It forced me to dig deep into myself as a leader. Also after all these years (10+), I still review these topics from time to time." - Jukka Hörkkö, Executive Vice President, Skanska Finland

"I highly recommend the programme to anyone who wants to reveal her on his inner strenghts to lead and be better in charge of our common future." - Anna Haas, Programme Specialist, UNESCO-IIEP

"The Courageous Leader™ programme gave us a common experience and a foundation built on respect, transparency & trust, in combination with a 'toolbox' and points of reference which we used to build our team." - Joakim Ryrstedt, SVP & CIO, Nederman Group

What's the catch?

We need your feedback. What worked the best? What changes would you make? How can we improve? Groups need to start by July 15th with the recorded presentations.

Limited time - Apply Now!

First come, first served!
Apply NOW! This is a special offer for only 3 HR managers. The accepted 3 applications will only pay EUR 97/group member per month for all of this. After the pilot programme, the usual price will most likely go to EUR 197 or more.

It's easy to apply!

Just fill out the form and let's take it from there. We're excited to work along side you to make a real difference and help create a culture of courage.


Imagine seeing real progress in your company culture. Imagine seeing an actual change in how people start to lead, interact, make decisions, and move boldly ahead with vision. All because of a cost-effective company-run programme. Imagine making a real difference. You can stop imagining. It's now possible.

Let's do this!