What we do

We work for the wellbeing of future generations – of businesses, nature, and humanity.

Nothing is more important for future generations than courageous leaders today.

We need a planet where the world’s leaders and decision-makers – regardless of where they are in the hierarchy – act from a position of courage and not fear.

As businesses we need to do more than create profit for our shareholders and owners. Many of us know that. Our customers and employees require us to do it in a way that is sustainable. We are to take all our stakeholders into consideration when making decisions. And still…it’s not always easy! Not always comfortable! And at the same time, we know that our profitability and financial risk is dependent on the actions of the business. We need courage to see, discuss and make wise decisions.

As businesses we are here to create profitable solutions to challenges that the planet and its inhabitants face. We should of course focus on the business. And also, on the planet. Not one or the other. Both. Also, when it’s uncomfortable. Courage is never comfortable.

What footprints do you want to leave behind? Who do you want to be?

As a courageous leader you know that you make a difference to your business. And also, to the planet we’re living on. You do what’s best. Also, when it’s uncomfortable.

The world needs all of us – the world needs you. Especially you.


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