Using humour as a defence?!

Using humour as a defence?! Have you ever started to laugh in the “wrong” situation or tried to make a joke to relieve a tense situation? We often use humour as a defence – not always a good thing. Check out my new video about this – using humour as a defence! And… read more […]

A breakfast about courage and corruption

“I’m glad I chose to spend these hours with you, reflecting over this important topic.” That’s what one of the participants had to say after A Breakfast Packed with Courage – About Corruption. Corruption expert Michaela Ahlberg shared some of the lessons she had learned, including her experiences after being headhunted by Telia when the […]

Four hundred managers got a taste of Kull Leadership

”Excellent! Very cool! Imagine the shift we’re going to be able to make!”   ”One of the best management days we’ve ever had.”   Four hundred managers from a multinational company got a taste of how Kull Leadership creates Courageous Leaders and Courageous Teams for the future. Through interactive exercises, scene coaching, open discussions and […]

Margareta Kull speaks about Courageous Leaders

Second group of “high potentials”

For the second time this year, we – Sören Holm, Vivianne Thomsson and I – welcome a new group of high potentials to one of our international programmes. Self-knowledge, coaching and management are a few of the areas where participants will develop over the next six months. We are, as always, looking forward to following […]

Just as fun, inspirational and illuminating

For many years now, the three of us have had the pleasure of helping groups of international “high potentials” develop into courageous leaders. And it is still just as fun, inspirational and illuminating as it was when we started. We would like to wish the 24 new participants lots of energy as they strengthen their […]

A new group has just set out on a longer journey

“Yes, there is a goal and meaning to our journey – But ‘tis the pathway, which is worth our while.” Karin Boye Warm welcome to the new group of leaders who has just set out on a longer journey, beginning at Noors Castle just outside of Stockholm. Together they will develop their courage in the […]

New group – more courage

It is always a pleasure to welcome a new group of international high potentials to one of our long programmes, this time at Milgårdarna Conference Centre in sunny Klippan in Skåne county. For six months they will practice how to show the way so that others choose to follow – with the purpose of becoming […]

The end is just the beginning of the journey

”I’ve become much more open and it’s nice to not have to put up a facade anymore and actually reach others in a whole other way.” A group of Courageous Leaders has come to the end of their eight-month programme at Steningevik on the outskirts of Stockholm. They have  finished the programme, but at the […]

A Breakfast Packed with Courage and Courageous Leaders

So much energy. Such wise reflections and reasoning about how we can create more courage for ourselves, our businesses and our planet. At Bloom in the Park in Malmö, we held our first Breakfast Packed with Courage with an exclusive gathering of invited leaders. Topics discussed included how we can break free from devastating structures. […]