Courageous Leader™ Individual Coaching

We live in uncertain times. As always, one thing is however, for sure: we only have one life. Are you living the life you truly want to live?

Think back on your personal life as well as your career.
Are you at peace with the things you have done and who you have been?
Are you at peace with your contribution to nature? And humanity?

Our coaches will give you the support – and challenge – to be a better you and create footprints you will be proud of.

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Courageous Leader™ Team Coaching

“Stay on track. Stick to what you have agreed on. Listen to each other…” Easy to say. Not always easy to do.

Our team coaches will give you the support – and challenge – to grow as a person  so you can make better decisions, also when uncomfortable.

Our team coaches will:

  • Coach your team during your regular team meetings.
  • Challenge you to do what you should be doing, to hold you and your colleagues accountable and to ensure that you work towards common goals.
  • A powerful tool to help you achieve the goals you truly want to achieve. Both for the business and the planet. Short term or long-term.

Required for Team Coaching: Team members need to have participated in one of our three Courageous Leader™/Team programmes.

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