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“It has enriched my life “

“It has enriched my life “

Lena Nyström had a high position at the pharmaceutical company Sobi AB and was part of the company’s management team. In the team where Lena was manager, they needed to be clearer, more open in their communication with each other, which is why she decided that everyone should participate in Kull Leadership’s Courageous Leaders programme. Today, Lena is a consultant and runs her own company. Courage is still her constant companion.


Why did you decide to get help from Margareta Kull and her team at Kull Leadership?

– When I became part of the management team at Sobi AB, it felt as though I needed to be more assertive, better at making my voice heard. So, I contacted Margareta Kull for coaching in my new role. It was in connection with the coaching that I realised she could really make an impact on the team I was managing, and I decided we should all enroll in the Courageous Leaders programme. I felt we all needed to be clearer and more open with each other, and find the courage to say what we truly thought and felt.


What was it like after you finished the programme?

I experienced that we became a more homogenous team. We focussed on common goals, and we saw and felt that we were all pulling in the same direction. The whole team became a stronger we, and we were much more open with each other. There was some initial resistance and questioning within the team about why we needed to do this programme, but most team members understood after a while just how important it really was.

I would also say that the personal coaching I received from Margareta made a big difference for me in the management team. I don’t know how many others noticed it, but I felt I was better at being myself. I asked questions when I needed answers, and was satisfied with my participation in the team.


Is there anything about the programme that you would change?

I really can’t think of anything. Everything we did was logically ordered, structured and well thought through. Not everyone in the team liked everything about the programme, but there must be space for that, too.


Have you been able to continue being a courageous leader?

I think I’ve gotten better at recognising what I’m really feeling and what’s bubbling under the surface and influencing different situations. I do not back away from saying what I think – even if it’s uncomfortable. This has made my life so much richer, and enabled me to continue making courageous decisions on the job and privately. And I’m very happy about that.


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